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Fogged Windows - Facts About Replacing Misty Windows

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What is Fogging or Misting?

Small droplets of moisture and condensation in double glazing in between panes of insulated double glazed glass, called misting or fogging, can occur when the seal between the panes of glass fails or over an extended time period the material at the edges holding the glass together breaks down, and air is let into the sealed area. This typically occurs in older windows or doors where the seal has failed and allows moisture to leak in.

The condition is typically a sunny side of the house problem and it is common to walk into older homes and see windows on the sunny side of the house with a glass sealing failure allowing condensation and fogging between the panes. This window failure tends to be more prevalent on the sunny side because the additional heat from the sun tends to accelerate the seal failure. Also, with the sun shining through the glass, the fogging can be more visible especially when the sun has been shining on the window for some time and the heat has built up over the day.

Cleanliness is very important therefore the washing process is automated in order to ensure that the inside of the glass, the area that cannot be cleaned after the window is constructed, is completely free from blemishes and dirt. The lighting behind the end process area allows the operator to closely examine every area of the glass panel after cleaning.

What Can Be Done About It?

Many companies offer to take the panel out and repair it but this is more than often expensive in man hours, time consuming and in the long term, a waste of money. It is probably more cost effective to fix misty foggy windows by replacing the glass sealed unit entirely. If the surrounding UPVC plastic part of the window is in good order then it does not require changing and by replacing only the sealed glass unit costs can be kept to the minimum.

Fogged Window Assessment

You will lose nothing by contacting us and arranging a call round for a glass sealed unit assessment and our free offer of advice. You will be surprised at how easy it is to replace fogged glass and how little it will cost you for this double glazing repair.



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